Imagine you could play and interact with your own pet-drone

5 different kinds of DROIDMONS

A toy, a console, a game, all in one.


  • Software:
    • Mobile App and Wearables Integration.
    • Mini games, challenges and quests
    • Artificial Intelligence – Evolve capability.
    • Pet interface + augmented reality.
    • Pre-programmable functions and actions.
  • Flight:
    • Auto-Leveling and incredibly stable
    • Auto-Landing / Auto-launching
    • Auto-Follow mode
    • Range up to 150m
    • GPS tracking
    • Fun time: easy-to-change-long-lasting-batteries
  • Design:
    • 5 Beautiful and animal-realistic designs.
    • Built to last, built to crash it, built to fight.
    • Carbon fiber.
    • safe and fun for everyone.
  • Perks: 
    • VR/AR Goggles
    • Phone Holder / Controller
    • Backpack / Transport Case

Play games that influence the behavior and capabilities of your drone. The DROIDMON can learn, evolve and interact with you. 

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